Co-Living: The Future of Renting for Millennials.

 Communities in the last decade have become of upmost importance to our generation. We have communities for every aspect of our lives. There's the Facebook community, the local sports community, vegan food blog communities, there are even online communities for single people empowering women (If you haven't heard of Bumble yet, download it now and thank me later). Communities exist for almost everything..... well almost everything. 

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6 Smart Ways To Avoid Being Scammed When Renting in Dublin

Let me tell you, from personal traumatic experience, that there is nothing worse than being scammed while house-hunting. 

You're left broke and utterly traumatised. 

You'll never trust another landlord or subletter for as long as you live but you'll also develop a new level of street wisdom that'll prevent ever getting screwed over again. 

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What exactly is Sroomm?

Have you ever lived with someone who actually makes your blood boil? Or what about a roommate who is so dissimilar to you that when you are eating breakfast you both sit awkwardly in silence scrolling through Instagram as there is simply nothing left to talk about? A room mate who failed to mention that they are vegan and mouths "you are killing the planet" every time you stick a chicken fillet into the oven? Or simply a roommate you just don't click with? 

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5 Items You Should Always Bring to a Viewing

Viewings are stressful. We get it. You've spent hours scouring over your message to the Landlord or potential new roommate wondering whether that last witty joke at the end was too much, or whether you should have left out the part about your love for Game of Throne memes.  But hey, you've scored yourself a viewing.  So here are our top tips on what to bring to help you stay ahead of the crowd and secure that new dream room. 

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