5 Items You Should Always Bring to a Viewing


Viewings are stressful. We get it. You've spent hours scouring over your message to the landlord or potential new roommate wondering whether that last witty joke at the end was too much, or whether you should have left out the part about your love for Game of Throne memes.  But hey, you've scored yourself a viewing.  So here are our top tips on what to bring to help you stay ahead of the crowd and secure that new dream room. 

1. References, references, REFERENCES

So eye wateringly simple, but I thought I should just get the obvious out of the way first. The more references you can produce, the more faith your Landlord will have in you as a tenant. I know it may seem formal, but you wouldn't apply to a job without a CV or a resumé right? So don't go to a viewing without a reference. Even if it is an old reference from college accommodation (you can email your university and once they have record of your residence they will send you a standard reference. Yep, you're welcome.) 

2. Deposit money at the ready

Imagine you prepare all of your references, leave work/college early to go to the viewing, smile enthusiastically as you walk around the house, make awkward small talk to the Landlord, and finally you get the call that you have been successful (YAY) ..... and then you're asked for a deposit to which you have to reply, that you won't be able to get it to them until next Tuesday. Nope. Stop right there. Landlords get hundreds of applications, and unless you're Jon Snow himself, they are not going to wait around for you to get your deposit in order. Have it ready, you've been warned...

3. Proof of employment/Student status

Whether you're a 2nd year Biomedical student, a budding entrepreneur, or Head of Sales at Google - prove it. Landlords want security and if they see evidence of what you do for a living, they will have more trust. Most companies will be more than happy to provide a "proof of employment" letter if you email HR, and all  universities will provide a student status record. Simple. 

4. An A4 envelope 

Landlords want everything to be easy. If they could click one button and have the room rented and everything sorted, they would. So you should make it as simple as possible for them. Bring along an A4 envelope, pop all of your references and proof of employment/student status inside, write your name on the front, and hand it to the agent at the viewing. You have just made their life a hell of a lot easier and made yourself stand out from the crowd in the process. Double whammy. 

5. Personality

Think of how many people Landlords/agents have to meet at viewings. Boring stuff. Make yourself stand out from the crowd. Go up and and introduce yourself. Inject some personality into the process. When they are reading through the references later on they will remember you. It work wonders. I also am an advocate of wigs, costumes and tap dancing performances.